Kerry-Ann is a media and communications specialist with over 15 years experience. She prides herself a serial ‘everythinger’. She is a voice and speech actor, an editor, writer, radio and tv host, graphic designer, paginator, and former cellist. 

She’s also great at colouring and being the rich aunty. While she loves and excels at being a creative she is proven to be a bad but enthusiastic singer.


Krysta is a writer by profession and a consummate performer, as the world is her stage. In some circles, she is known as Fluffy Kryssy and has performed in several productions, promotions and music videos. 

As a lifestyle reporter, she specialises in sex and relationship stories, but finds immense joy in penning beauty, food, fashion and personality pieces as well. 

Authentic by nature, she remains true to her passions and she is unapologetically herself as she dances to the beats of her own drums.


Jerome is a natural creative. Trained in journalism, he has a spark for ideation, conceptualisation and research. His work in radio, print and online has allowed him to take on successful projects in the media field. 

His joyful, hardworking disposition is valued in all work environments. His commitment to excellence serves as a signpost in all he does.


 I am a lover of arts, professional walk foot and event go-er with over 5 years of experience. My passion lies in film, music and travel and I aspire to be an actress in the near future. I also create content on YouTube (@whereisaneilla) and Tiktok(@aneill.a).


“K-Chris” is a 30 year old Graduate from the University of Technology, Jamaica. with a BSc Entrepreneurship. He’s currently a Senior Accountant with the Major Organization Crime & Anti-Corruption Agency and co-owner of Shuban Consultants and Business Solutions.

A playwright who’s actively involved in the Visual and Performing Arts, he has performed with artiste including Shaggy [Shaggy and Friends Show], Dean Fraser, Tarrus Riley & Wayne Marshall. A lover of everything soca and it’s colorful culture, he is also an avid Carnival Costume Designer.


Also known as Raystar, I am 28 and from St Ann’s Bay. I’m an entertainer who loves to sing, dance and choreograph, my biggest joy is whatever room I walk into Is to make people smile and bring positive energy.

I’m the C.E.O of Raystar Experience Entertainment Agency where I help younger entertainers showcase their various talents & find jobs accordingly.

In everything I put God first, and I know with dermination, grace and consistency I will accomplish the millions of dreams I imagine of what i want my life to be.

Instagram and TIkTok @Raystar_officially
YouTube @ Raystarexperience


A 23-year old software developer who moonlights as a poet, actor and overall eccentric. He has been featured on stage in productions such as ‘The Gift: The Psychology of Madness’ (2023), and JMTC’s “Aladdin” (2024). 

He has been recognized for his artistry in various mediums including winning Best Actor at Tallawah 2023, and being shortlisted for the 2024 Poet Laureate of Jamaica Young Writer’s Prize for Poetry.


Hola, mi nombre es Xavier y soy jamaicano. I am family orientated and goal driven. I am into Football and Athletics, my favourite teams are Brazil and F.C Barcelona.

In my spare time you’ll find me engaged in gardening and video games. For me it’s all about life-long learning and to whom much is given much is required. Bless up!!!


A young man with a vision and a plan from a very tender age, born in St. Thomas. Currently in his 3rd year at UTECH pursuing a degree in marketing, he is also an entrepreneur, an aspiring politician, a local preacher/youth president, Band & stage manager & multifaceted entertainer.

Very active in is community, Marczell also hosts several street feedings, bathing and grooming of the homeless. He is very passionate about the down trodden and hope one day to be Prime Minister or Finance Minister of Jamaica 🇯🇲.


A St. Catherine native brought up in the church. He is quiet, easy-going, and loves to laugh. He is approachable and loves to engage in conversation. He is an administrative professional in the field of higher education. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Barbican, and a member of the Jamaica Association of Administrative Professionals (JAAP). He has a passion for media and communication and the creative and performing arts.


An actor, show host, emcee, drummer and Voice Talent, whose passion is rooted in art and its empowerment. She finds liberation in the performing arts and being immersed in nature. This Aries continues to define herself and is learning and growing with each day.


Known as ABG (Pronounced /ɑhː bihː geeː/)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to the glitz and glam of TV and stage shows. Now, I’m newly stepping into the spotlight with MY TV Productions. 

For me it’s passion over popularity, I’m all about the upliftment of others eespecially women and children. My dream? To be the ultimate entrepreneur with several successful businesses.

You can catch my latest tracks on YouTube and follow my journey on Instagram @abg_officialvibequeen. Come with me on this beautiful journey and lets make magic together ❤


I’m your multitalented queen from the Western Jamaica scene!! I am a health care professional with a passion for visual and performing arts. For me, pleasure comes from working with my hands so I enjoy crafts, painting and drawing.

LeShan is my stage name as a recording artist! At MYTV, I co-host the number one show, Dolly Chat and I’m an actor aboard the hilarious courtroom spoof Judge Rennae!

My deepest passion is music, as it affects me in all positive ways and I’m excited to continously learn about it. Some of my favourite iconic artistes are The Bee Gees, Nina Simone, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses and Anita Baker.

I believe that everyone can be beautiful. If we were all beautiful, we would all be secure. Peace✌🏾😁.


I’m a God fearing man who believes in personal development and growth. I also believe in having positive and motivating people around me as it helps to keep my mind focused on, not just my faith, but also my goals, one of which is to empower and educate others on how to be financially free.